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Spin/Step This is an hour long class where you will get to participate in the famous workout from the 80’s STEP class. Step is a form of aerobic class using the step and at times smaller weights with constant moving. This class is also combined with Spinning which will get your legs burning and your heart …
Grudge 2 An hour and half class full of kickboxing, weight training and the bootcamp experience all tied into one. A fun day of sweating, strengthening and challenging your body!!
Grudge 1 A one hour class of weight conditioning with fun and crazy different bootcamp exercises. A fun challenging class for all levels.
Body Recon A full body sculpting class from head to toe concentrating on the large muscles to the littlest muscles. There will be a small twist of cardio action during the class with heavy emphasis on abs and tush! Great all over workout.
Pilates Exercises specifically designed to teach you to engage all movements through your core. Lengthens and tones muscles while increasing flexibility. Compliments all other forms of physical activity.
Renegade X Renegade X does not have a start time you can arrive any time between the hours scheduled. The last arrival time is half hour before class ends. Renegade X is set up differently then other classes as it has 10 stations 7-8 stations designed around kickboxing combos and the rest around bootcamp exercises. Each station is …
Bootcamp indoor/outdoor group exercise class that mixes traditional body weight with interval and strength training. This bootcamp class is design for EVERYONE! You do not need to be intimidated as the class is designed for beginners just starting back into the fitness world but still giving an advanced athlete that extra edge in their workouts. We …
Cardio Sculpt A fun, high intensity cardio workout where you will use such weights as weighted bars, kettle bells & dumbells, followed with energized cardio exercises and using kickboxing moves but WITHOUT gloves. This is a very fun and popular class working the entire body
Kickboxing A cardiovascular workout consisting of jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks designed to get you on your way to a leaner body and a healthier state of mind using punching bags and boxing gloves.
Spinning Spinning, or indoor cycling is one of best exercises you can do. Here you can learn some of the exercises done in a typical spin class.Here are a few exercises spin instructors use during spin class. You can also try them on your own. Warm up / Cool down:No to little resistance, smooth pedalling. Intervals: …
Yoga Yoga is a class where you can do as much or as little as you want. For some it is purely a physical pursuit, keeping the body toned, strong and flexible. For others, yoga becomes more of a mindset and a way of living. Whatever your reason for practicing, or your level of experience – we …

Class Descriptions



Florida Get Fit Instructors

 Sarah Sarah
Owner of Florida Get Fit
Head Trainer
Adrianne Adrianne
T-n-A (Tush n Abs)
Daly Daly
FullSizeRender Erin
debbie Debbie
Spin, Group exercise
 Gail Gail
 Jay Jay
 katrina Katrina
 Lauren Lauren
 Mark Mark
 Melinda Melinda
Kids Tumbling Coach
Michelle Michelle
 Robin Robin
Body Sculpt
 Veronica Veronica
Polynesian Fitness

Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
4:50AM Boodtcamp Kickboxing Bootcamp Kickboxing Bootcamp
6:00AM Bootcamp Kickboxing Bootcamp Kickboxing Bootcamp
7:00AM Bootcamp Bootcamp
8:00AM Spinning
8:00AM Grudge 2
8:30am Spin Express BODY RECON Renegade X
8:45am Bootcamp SPIN/SCULPT
9:00am Spinning Cardio Sculpt Renegade X
9:15am Kickboxing Renegade X
9:30am Spinning Spinning
9:45am YOGA
10:00am PILATES
4:30pm Spin Express
5:00pm Cardio Sculpt Bootcamp Kickboxing Yoga
5:30pm PILATES Kickboxing/Body Sculpt Combo
6:00pm Bootcamp Bootcamp Grudge 1 TaeKwon-Do (7 & up) Renegade
6:15pm ZUMBA
6:30pm TaeKwon-Do (7&up) Bootcamp ZUMBA